Covid-19 Desktop and Counter Separation Screens and Partitions

Covid-19 counter separation screen

Health Care and Social Distancing 

As normality is creeping back into society, here at WKH we are producing clear screens / guards and partitions, helping people get back to and stay safe in their work environment.

  • Perspex / Acrylic and Polycarbonate sneeze screens and partitions.
  • Counter top screens.
  • Fixed and free standing screens and partitions.
  • Nail tech screens.
  • Till guards and waiting area clear partitions and screens .

In fact we can produce any type of clear plastic screening and partitions to help with social distancing issues.

A measuring service is available within a reasonable distance.

Please contact us for further information

Covid-19 Workplace Screens and Partitions

Engineer required for the machining of industrial plastics

You would be required to program, set and operate vacuum bed CNC routers.
Using Alpha cam to program for the machining of various components.
A good engineering background is essential.
38 1/2 hours Monday to an early finish on Friday.
Good rates of pay.
For further details please contact

Choosing the right material

Selecting the right Plastic material for your product or application can be complicated to say the least.

Here at WKH GROUP we have decades of experience of industrial plastics and their uses , and with our sister company ATEX MATERIALS INTERNATIONAL we now have stocks of the most specialised of ranges of plastics. to see our guidance page please click below.

Choosing the right material

Easter Closing Times

We are closed from Friday 19th April 2019 – Friday 26th April 2019
Re-Opening Monday 29th April 2019 @ 8.30am

Martin will be here to take any enquiries whilst the shop floor will be closed for the
Easter period.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you all a happy Easter.


Focus on Polypropylene / PPC

Polypropylene is the most versatile of all industrial plastics , especially for fabrications.
With a service temperature of minus 5 to plus 100 deg C and excellent chemical resistance it hits the spot on most industrial plastics fabrications.
One of the hardest and stiffest polyolefine make Polypropylene great for Chemical Tanks / Dosing Cabinets / dosing skids / Bunds and splash Guards.
Polypropylene will withstand repeat steam cleaning and is approved for contact with food. Our team at WKH GROUP can heat bend / form and extrusion weld the Polypropylene sheet which is available in Beige grey / Natural and Black. Fleece or fabric backed sheets are available for GRP lamination as also are fire retardant grades.
We also machine ( CNC and conventional turning / milling and routing ) all industrial plastics including Polypropylene PPC / PPH  available in rod and block stock shapes.
Full specification sheets available on request.

Job vacancies with WKH Group

We currently have several job vacancies

General Manager with Engineering ExperienceTo have own ideas on creating new business. Good leadership & man management skills. To work alongside our Sales Director. Full Time position.

Fabricator of Industrial Plastics
Experience in plastics would be an advantage, but a metal fabricator could be trained to work with plastics.
Full Time position.

Machinist Engineer, CNC & Conventional 
A skilled person to work with industrial plastics on laithes & milling machines to exacting standards. Full Time position.

To apply please email

Focus on choosing the right materials


WKH Group can help guide you through identifying the best industrial plastics for your requirement, our experience in the machining and fabrication of a wide range of plastics can be called upon to help you make the right choice.

We maintain good levels of stock including specialist and performance plastics,  samples are always available for testing if required

Low Friction

Sliding, wearing, slipping components – Nylons, Acetal, PTFE, UHMW PE, PET ( P )
Self lubricating bearings – Nylons ( Oil Filled ) or MOS2 Carbon filled
Dimensional stability – Acetal, PET ( P ) & Glass filled grades
Wear resistance – UHMWPE, Cast nylon


Chemical resistance – PVC, PP, PVDF, HDPE, PEEK, PTFE
Electrical insulation – Thermoset Laminates, PC, PVC PTFE, PPE
Contact with food or drugs – Acetal, UHMW PE, PET ( P ) PP, PSU, & PE
UV , age hardening & radiation – High Performance, PEEK, PVDF, PCTFE
Model or prototype work – Acrylic, ABS, PVC


Impact loads – Nylon 6, PC, Epoxy Laminates, HMW PE
Cyclical loading – Nylons, Acetal
Higher resistance to creep & continuous loading – PET ( P ) Glass filled grades, Thermoset Laminates, Peek, High performance plastics


Low temperature impact strength – Nylons, UHMW PE, PVDF
Working temperatures > 100 deg C – High performance plastics, PEEK, PTFE

If you have an application requiring Plastic components please contact us to discuss the best quality engineered industrial plastics to fulfil your requirements.


Focus on ATEX materials and fabrications

Did you know that we are now able to produce fabricated solutions using ATEX compliant materials. Please see the examples below and call us on  0113 239 1909 to discuss your specific requirements.
*Conductive / antistatic PTFE ( carbon filled ) in rod / block and sheet form.
*Conductive / antistatic UHMWPE (carbon filled ) in sheet form up to 120 mm thick.
*Antistatic coated clear Polycarbonate PC350 and clear Acrylic AC300 .
* Products we can produce from these materials are —
ATEX enclosures and cabinets.
ATEX clear panels and glazing / windows
ATEX hazardous location vision panels and screens
ATEX conductive UHMWPE plastic cabinets and enclosures
Conductive / Seal housings
Conductive / antistatic pump manifolds , Discharge and Suction
antistatic acrylic enclosure
clear coated acrylic enclosure
Antistatic clear coated acrylic ( AC300 ) enclosure for use on hazardous gas exchange at BOC .
The unit featured above was fully bonded with tensol acrylic cement and complete st/st piano hinge.
We are also able to supply a range of Atex materials in stock sizes and cut to size through 

Cleaning Compatibility Testing of Materials

Here at WKH we now have a designated area for compatibility testing of certain materials, mostly clear Polycarbonates and Acrylics ( including ATEX complying PC 350 / AC300 & Lead Acrylic H8 to H70 Radiation resisting / shielding ) with Bonding and cleaning products.

This is useful for customers who need to be confident about the care of their product when regular cleaning is required  i.e Cast Acrylic isolators for the clean air Industry & screens or visors where optical clarity is crucial.

WKH Materials cleaning tests

Image above showing the testing of Lead Acrylics with various cleaning agents, The results showed no reaction to any of the cleaning products.

For further details and to arrange specific materials testing please Contact us

We currently have spare capacity on CNC & Conventional machining / Turning and milling.
We also stock a large range of industrial / performance plastics including ATEX directive complying materials. Industrial Plastics

CNC Machining of Elliptical Glove Ports

We can bond cast acrylic elliptical glove ports to lead filled acrylic ( H8 to H70 ) and to lead filled glass, taking into account any thermal expansion issues .
Videos below show CNC machining of elliptical glove ports.


REMEMBER we have good lead times on all machining of industrial plastics, conventional turning and milling and CNC machining.

Please contact us with your requirements.