Focus on choosing the right materials

acetal polyoxymethylene pom


WKH Group can help guide you through identifying the best industrial plastics for your requirement, our experience in the machining and fabrication of a wide range of plastics can be called upon to help you make the right choice.

We maintain good levels of stock including specialist and performance plastics,  samples are always available for testing if required

Low Friction

Sliding, wearing, slipping components – Nylons, Acetal, PTFE, UHMW PE, PET ( P )
Self lubricating bearings – Nylons ( Oil Filled ) or MOS2 Carbon filled
Dimensional stability – Acetal, PET ( P ) & Glass filled grades
Wear resistance – UHMWPE, Cast nylon


Chemical resistance – PVC, PP, PVDF, HDPE, PEEK, PTFE
Electrical insulation – Thermoset Laminates, PC, PVC PTFE, PPE
Contact with food or drugs – Acetal, UHMW PE, PET ( P ) PP, PSU, & PE
UV , age hardening & radiation – High Performance, PEEK, PVDF, PCTFE
Model or prototype work – Acrylic, ABS, PVC


Impact loads – Nylon 6, PC, Epoxy Laminates, HMW PE
Cyclical loading – Nylons, Acetal
Higher resistance to creep & continuous loading – PET ( P ) Glass filled grades, Thermoset Laminates, Peek, High performance plastics


Low temperature impact strength – Nylons, UHMW PE, PVDF
Working temperatures > 100 deg C – High performance plastics, PEEK, PTFE

If you have an application requiring Plastic components please contact us to discuss the best quality engineered industrial plastics to fulfil your requirements.