Focus on Polypropylene / PPC

Polypropylene is the most versatile of all industrial plastics , especially for fabrications.
With a service temperature of minus 5 to plus 100 deg C and excellent chemical resistance it hits the spot on most industrial plastics fabrications.
One of the hardest and stiffest polyolefine make Polypropylene great for Chemical Tanks / Dosing Cabinets / dosing skids / Bunds and splash Guards.
Polypropylene will withstand repeat steam cleaning and is approved for contact with food. Our team at WKH GROUP can heat bend / form and extrusion weld the Polypropylene sheet which is available in Beige grey / Natural and Black. Fleece or fabric backed sheets are available for GRP lamination as also are fire retardant grades.
We also machine ( CNC and conventional turning / milling and routing ) all industrial plastics including Polypropylene PPC / PPH  available in rod and block stock shapes.
Full specification sheets available on request.