Glass Four Port Visor - Clear Cast Acrylic

At WKH, we specialise in making containment systems for a wide range of industries including Medical / Containment Engineering and Aseptic Systems, Oil & Gas and Chemical.

Our expertise lies in making solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability in handling hazardous materials and processes.

Here's an example of a Glass Four Port Visor made from Clear Cast Acrylic material manufactured by one of our engineers, Joel, earlier last week.

Just like with all projects we undertake at WKH, we customise components to match the exact needs and specifications of our client, and this Glass Four Port Visor made from Clear Cast Acrylic was no different.

What our client required

Our client required an isolator visor to be produced from toughened and laminated safety glass, providing us with drawings, instructions and what would be the final application.

To guarantee the sheet was certified for safety we would need to make eight pieces. With four of the parts being made for the front and four of the parts being made for the back.

The pieces would be made to fit perfectly into their counterpart that would then be sealed, fused and bonded to ensure containment and maximum safety.

How we made it

Once the glass had been cut and shaped using CNC Water Jet the Acrylic parts were machined from solid block of Clear Cast Acrylic.

Machined on a Vacuum Bed CNC Router, the oval (ellipse) shaped Glove Ports required undercuts, grooves and side holes.

Once completed the Acrylic Glove Ports were then bonded to the glass using a UV ( Ultra Violet ) bonding system, which fuses the Acrylic Glove Ports to the glass and is the final part in the process.

Final applications

There are a number of industries Glass Four Port Visors are made for including: Containment and Isolation Engineering, Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturing, Aseptic Glove Box Manufacturers, R & D Nuclear applications + testing.

This particular Glass Four Port Visor made from Clear Cast Acrylic is to be used for containment and aseptic systems.

At WKH no project is too big, too small or too complex, for any precision engineering needs simply call us on 0113 239 1909, email us or request a quote.

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