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Selecting the right plastic material for your product or application can be challenging. Fortunately, at WKH, we are experts in this field and are always on hand to help with any question or query. Below, we have provided an overview detailing everything you need to know about each material and its application.


Requirement Consider
Low Friction
Sliding, slipping components Nylons, Acetal, PTFE, UHMWE PE, PET (P)
Self-lubricating bearings Nylons, pet (P)
Dimensional stability Acetal, PET (P) and Glass Filled Grades
Wear resistance UHMW PE, Cast Nylon 6
Chemical resistance PVC, PP PVDF, HDPE, PEEK, PTFE
Sewarage / Waste / Water WRAS Approved (Water Regulations Approval Scheme), Acetals, PVC
Electrical insulation Thermoset Laminates, PVC, PTFE, PPE
ATEX / ESD avoidance PC350 Antistatic Polycarbonate ,conductive PTFE Static dissipative Acetal / HDPE
Contact with foodstuff Acetal, UHMW PE, PET (P), PP, PSU & PE
UV, Age hardening & radiation High Performance, PEEK, PVDF, PCTFE
Model or prototype work Acrylic. ABS, PVC
Impact loads Nylon 6 & 66, 1000 Grade UHMWPE, Epoxy Laminates, Polypropolene
Cyclical loading Nylons, Acetal
Better resistance to creep Glass Filled Grades, Thermoset Laminates
High continuous loading PET(P), High Performance Plastic, PEEK
Low temperature impact strength Nylons, UHMW PE, PVDF
Working temperatures >100°C High Performance Plastics, PTFE, PEEK
Atex legislation/Directive
Approved materials Conductive plastic include- Carbon Filled PTFE, HDPE, Static Dissipative Acetal, Acrylic
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
and or Metal detectable. UHMWPE, PTFE, Polypropylene, Metal Detectable Acetal


Important Information: If your finished item or component is intended for standalone application, without support from hinges, clasps, braces, guide rails, etc., it is imperative to consider the potential effects of thermal movement, bowing, and twisting of plastics. These factors can significantly impact the performance and durability of your product.

Choose Your Materials

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