WKH Do Not Design

At WKH, we prioritise clarity and transparency in our business relationships. This notice outlines our responsibilities and limitations regarding the engineering and manufacturing of plastic parts and components. WKH does not design parts for our customers, we work solely to the specifications and instructions provided by our clients.

We Do Not Design: WKH does not design plastic parts or components. Clients must provide complete and accurate designs. We manufacture according to these provided specifications.

We Do Not have say on Final Application: WKH is not responsible for how the clients uses their parts or components nor their final application. The safety, compliance and application of the manufactures parts is the decision and responsibility of our client and their designs. Clients must ensure that their designs meet all necessary requirements for their intended use.

We Do Not Advise or Choose Material: The choice of materials for manufacturing is the client's responsibility. WKH does not advise on or accept liability for material selection. Clients must ensure chosen materials are suitable for their specific application and meet all relevant standards.

*WKH will provide guidance in accordance with our experience and knowledge in the case of our client requiring help choosing materials. The choice and decision however lie solely with the client and the final decision is solely theirs and not that of WKH.

WKH is not responsible for any claims, damages, or losses related to design, material selection, and final application. This includes any legal or financial repercussions.