Oil, Petrochemical & Subsea Research

Oil, Petrochemical & Subsea Research

At WKH, we utilise high tolerance CNC machining to manufacture a diverse range of components tailored to the needs of our customers requirements. For a recent project in the pharmaceutical industry, we were tasked with producing stab location plates, anchor block sleeves, protective covers, guide stab annulus, attachment brackets, position indicators, and protective sleeves.

To make these parts, we employed a variety of materials including Homopolymer / Copolymer Acetals, PEEK, and Cast Nylons 66 and 6. These materials were chosen for their superior mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability, ensuring that our components meet the demanding standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

By using CNC machining and utilising these high-performance materials, we are able to achieve tight tolerances and produce components that are durable, reliable, and precisely tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to quality and precision allows us to deliver solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, providing our customers with the confidence they need in their manufacturing processes.

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