Selecting the right Plastic material for your product or application can be complicated to say the least.
Here at WKH GROUP we have decades of experience of industrial plastics and their uses , and with our sister company ATEX MATERIALS INTERNATIONAL we now have stocks of the most specialised of ranges of plastics.
The following may go some way to get you started:
Low Friction
Sliding, slipping componentsNylons, Acetal, PTFE, UHMWE PE, PET (P)
Self- lubricating bearingsNylons, pet (P)
Dimensional stabilityAcetal, PET (P) and Glass Filled Grades
Wear resistanceUHMW PE, Cast Nylon 6
Chemical resistancePVC, PP PVDF, HDPE, PEEK, PTFE
Electrical insulationThermoset Laminates, PVC, PTFE, PPE
Contact with foodstuffAcetal, UHMW PE, PET (P), PP, PSU & PE
UV, Age hardening & radiationHigh Performance, PEEK, PVDF, PCTFE
Model or prototype workAcrylic. ABS, PVC
Impact loadsNylon 6, PC, Epoxy Laminates, HMW PE
Cyclical loadingNylons, Acetal
Better resistance to creepGlass Filled Grades, Thermoset Laminates
High continuous loadingPET(P), High Performance Plastic, PEEK
Low temperature impact strengthNylons, UHMW PE, PVDF
Working temperatures >100°CHigh Performance Plastics, PTFE, PEEK
Atex legislation/Directive
Approved materialsConductive plastic include- Carbon Filled PTFE, HDPE, Static Dissipative Acetal, Acrylic
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
and or Metal detectable.UHMWPE, PTFE, Polypropylene, Metal Detectable Acetal

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