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Gas, Oil, ROV & Subsea

At WKH Group, we specialise in manufacturing components for the most demanding industries including Oil, Gas, Rov and Subsea. Its crucial for components to be robust, durable, and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, pressures, and corrosive substances.

  • ROV Components. We manufacture a wide range of ROV components including Bump structures and beams, thruster guards, Skid BOP slides, Skid mounting supports, and Skid corner plates. Additionally, we specialize in precise plastic engineering and offer customized services to fulfill your specific requirements.
  • Oil and Gas Components. We specialize in manufacturing a comprehensive range of components tailored for the oil and gas industry. Our offerings include stab plates, wellhead tool bodies, protection stab bodies, guide nose stab bodies, mandrel corer bodies, sea water check valves, and protective covers. These components are meticulously crafted to meet the demanding standards and specifications of the industry, ensuring reliability and performance in critical operations.
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Why choose the WKH Group?

There are many reasons why we stand out among our competitors, however here are a few reasons why we are the perfect match for you.

Highest Quality Service.

With over thirty years experience in plastic engineering across all industries, we bring the highest level of expertise to every project we undertake.

We collaborate closely with our clients and project engineers to ensure a thorough understanding of your requirements and specifications.

On Time, Every Time.

We understand the importance of time-sensitive projects which is why we prioritise responsiveness and proactiveness in our approach.

Our team is dedicated to swiftly addressing your needs and challenges, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality or precision.

Innovation & Investment.

At WKH Group, we are committed to innovation and investing in the latest technology, training and machinery to ensure we always provide the best solutions to our clients.

Our dedication and commitment to striving for perfection has kept us at the forefront of our industry for today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

BSEN ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

At the WKH Group we committed to quality excellence, holding certification to BSEN ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards is reinforced by our investment in the latest technology and machinery.