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POM-C (Polyacetal) Polyoxymethylene

Details :

Available in natural / black and various other colours.

A dimensionally stable material which is easy to machine to a fine surface finish,and can maintain close tolerances.
Acetal has outstanding abrasion resistance and low moisture absorption.
It is very tough and good for impact loads at low temperature.
Suitable for use with foodstuffs and has good electrical properties.

Material Characteristics :

  • Good sliding properties & wear / abrasion resistance
  • FDA approved
  • WRAS approved available
  • Low water absorption
  • Good chemical resistance

Applications :

  • Precision parts
  • Bearings and gears
  • Pulleys
  • Rollers
  • Valve seats and bushes
  • Star wheels and change parts


POM-C (Polyacetal) Polyoxymethylene

POM-C (Polyacetal) Polyoxymethylene

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