What is Delrin?

What is Delrin

Delrin, also known as Polyoxymethylene (POM), is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic developed by DuPont. It is widely recognised for its excellent mechanical properties and versatility in various industrial applications. Here, we explore the key characteristics and uses of Delrin, demonstrating why it is a preferred material for precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.

Key Characteristics of Delrin

High Stiffness and Strength

Delrin is known for its high mechanical strength and rigidity, making it suitable for load-bearing applications. Its robust structure ensures reliability and durability in demanding conditions.

Low Friction and Wear Resistance

The material's low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance make it ideal for moving parts. Delrin components exhibit minimal wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the parts.

Excellent Dimensional Stability

Delrin maintains its shape and size over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. This stability ensures consistent performance and precision in various environments.

Good Chemical Resistance

Delrin resists many solvents, fuels, and other chemicals, enhancing its durability in harsh environments. This chemical resistance makes it suitable for applications exposed to various substances.

Fatigue Resistance

Delrin can withstand repeated stress and strain without significant degradation. Its fatigue resistance ensures longevity and reliability in cyclic applications.

Ease of Machining

The material can be easily machined to tight tolerances, making it suitable for precision components. Its machinability allows for the production of complex and detailed parts.

Common Uses of Delrin

Automotive Components

Delrin is used in gears, bushings, clips, and fuel system parts within the automotive industry. Its high strength, wear resistance, and dimensional stability make it an ideal choice for these applications.

Consumer Goods

In household appliances, Delrin is found in zippers, fasteners, and gear wheels. Its durability and low friction properties enhance the performance and longevity of these products.

Industrial Applications

Delrin's application extends to conveyor belts, bearings, and pump components in industrial settings. Its mechanical properties ensure efficient and reliable operation in these demanding environments.

Electrical and Electronics

Delrin is used in insulators, connectors, and various precision parts within the electrical and electronics industry. Its excellent dimensional stability and low friction properties are critical for these applications.

Medical Devices

Due to its biocompatibility and ease of sterilisation, Delrin is used in parts for diagnostic and surgical instruments. Its mechanical properties and chemical resistance make it suitable for medical applications.


Delrin's unique combination of properties makes it an ideal choice for high-performance applications across a wide range of industries. Its high stiffness, low friction, excellent dimensional stability, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, and ease of machining provide engineers and designers with a versatile and reliable material. Whether in automotive components, consumer goods, industrial applications, electrical and electronics, or medical devices, Delrin continues to prove its value and efficiency in precision engineering.

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