Port Isolator Passthrough

Port Isolator Passthrough
At WKH we specialise in making containment systems for a wide range of applications and industries. This Perspex/Acrylic 4-glove port isolator with passthrough door is designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the chemical industry.

Made from from robust Perspex and Acrylic material, this isolator provides a transparent yet durable enclosure for handling hazardous materials. Its four glove ports offer operators the ability to manipulate objects within the unit without compromising containment integrity, ensuring safety and precision in every operation.

Facilitating seamless material transfer, the isolator features a passthrough door meticulously engineered to maintain the containment environment. This hermetically sealed door enables the safe transfer of materials in and out of the isolator, preserving the integrity of the contained environment throughout the process.

Whether handling hazardous substances, conducting sensitive experiments, or performing intricate procedures, this isolator delivers the performance and reliability required for critical operations.

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