What is PC-350 Polycarbonate?

What is PC-350 Polycarbonate?

PC-350™ Polycarbonate is a specialised plastic sheet product designed to control static electricity across a wide range of applications. This premium quality polycarbonate sheet features a unique static dissipative coating that prevents charge generation on its surfaces, thereby controlling particulate attraction and eliminating electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. This performance is permanent and independent of humidity, making PC-350 Polycarbonate a versatile and reliable choice for many industries.

Material Characteristics

PC-350 Polycarbonate combines several desirable properties that enhance its utility in various applications:

  • Static Dissipative Coating: Prevents charge generation and controls particulate attraction, providing effective ESD protection.
  • Permanent Performance: The anti-static performance is permanent and does not rely on environmental humidity levels.
  • Fabrication Versatility: Easy to fabricate, PC-350 can be bent and formed using standard polycarbonate fabrication techniques.
  • Light Weight: Its light weight simplifies handling and installation.
  • Chemical Resistance: Exhibits good resistance to a variety of chemicals, enhancing its durability in harsh environments.
  • Clarity: Offers excellent optical clarity, making it suitable for applications where visibility is crucial.
  • Impact Resistance: Superior impact resistance ensures durability in demanding applications.
  • Fire Safety: High fire safety rating makes it suitable for use in environments where fire resistance is critical.

Applications of PC-350 Polycarbonate

The unique properties of PC-350 Polycarbonate make it ideal for numerous applications, especially in environments where static control is essential. Key applications include:

1. Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly

PC-350 Polycarbonate is perfect for manufacturing and assembly operations involving charge-sensitive electronic components. Its ability to prevent ESD events helps reduce both immediate and latent defects caused by electrostatic discharge.

2. Ultra-Clean Manufacturing

In ultra-clean manufacturing operations, PC-350 Polycarbonate’s resistance to charge build-up prevents the attraction of contaminants, thus minimizing contamination-related rejects. This makes it suitable for the semiconductor, electronic, and micro-manufacturing industries.

3. Contoured Panels and Fabricated Items

PC-350 Polycarbonate can be easily heat bent and fabricated into various shapes, such as guards, covers, windows, doors, and access panels for electronic equipment. It is also used for keypads, assembly machines, and instruments, ensuring protection and static control.

4. Conveyor Line Covers and Shields

In manufacturing environments, conveyor line covers and shields made from PC-350 Polycarbonate help protect sensitive components and control static discharge, enhancing the safety and efficiency of production lines.

5. Equipment Enclosures

PC-350 Polycarbonate is used to create enclosures for equipment, providing both physical protection and static control. These enclosures are critical in preventing ESD damage to sensitive devices.

6. Industrial Protection

PC-350 Polycarbonate is used in general industrial applications to protect static charge-sensitive manufacturing devices and control spark discharge in explosive environments, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.

Fabrication of PC-350 Polycarbonate

PC-350 Polycarbonate is easily fabricated using standard techniques for polycarbonate materials. It is designed to accommodate heat bending, but care must be taken to avoid applying excessive heat to prevent damage to the surface. When solvent welding, it is recommended to remove the coating to achieve optimal bond strength.


PC-350™ Polycarbonate stands out as a high-performance material designed to meet the stringent requirements of static control in various industrial applications. Its combination of permanent static dissipative properties, ease of fabrication, and robust physical characteristics makes it a preferred choice in environments where ESD protection is crucial. From electronic manufacturing to ultra-clean production facilities, PC-350 Polycarbonate provides reliable, long-lasting solutions that enhance both product quality and operational safety. As industries continue to evolve, the role of PC-350 Polycarbonate in ensuring safe and efficient manufacturing processes will only grow more significant.

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