What is Cast Nylon 6?

What is Cast Nylon 6?

Cast Nylon 6 is a universal engineering plastic known for its high toughness and excellent wear resistance. Due to its impressive service temperature range, which can reach up to +110°C for long-term use and 170°C for short-term use, it has become a reliable material in various industries. This post delves into the properties and applications of Cast Nylon 6, revealing why it is preferred across many sectors.

Material Properties

High Machinability

Cast Nylon 6 can be easily machined, whether milled or turned, making it convenient for manufacturing precision components.

Abrasion and Wear Resistance

This material is highly resistant to abrasion and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance in applications involving friction and contact.

Service Temperature Range

Cast Nylon 6 remains operational over a broad temperature range, from -40°C to +110°C, and can withstand short-term spikes up to 170°C.

UV Resistance

Its good defense against UV rays makes it suitable for outdoor applications, with no significant degradation over time.

Applications of Cast Nylon 6

Cast Nylon 6's robust properties make it suitable for a wide array of industries, including oil and offshore, steel, food production, packaging, mechanical engineering, and conveyor systems. Here are some specific applications:

General Mechanical Engineering

The general mechanical engineering industry widely uses Cast Nylon 6 for parts that need to be durable and reliable. Its wear resistance makes it ideal for various mechanical components.

Wear Parts

Due to its abrasion resistance, Cast Nylon 6 is perfect for components experiencing ongoing wear, such as bushings, bearings, and liners, resulting in longer life and less maintenance.

Sliding and Conveyor Parts

In sliding and conveyor systems, Cast Nylon 6 is used to manufacture sliding parts or rollers. Its low friction and wear resistance ensure smooth and efficient continuous operation.

Wheels and Pulleys

The strength and bearing load capacity of Cast Nylon 6 keep wheels and pulleys lightweight and corrosion-resistant, allowing them to carry significant loads without deformation.

Gears and Cogs

Gears and cogs made from Cast Nylon 6, through precision molding, offer excellent service with low wear rates compared to metal counterparts. They are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, suitable for widespread applications.

Precision Parts

Industries relying on precision parts, such as electronics or automotive, benefit from the machinability and dimensional stability of Cast Nylon 6, allowing for the use of close tolerance complex parts.

Sliders and Rollers

For applications requiring free motion, Cast Nylon 6 is ideal for sliders and rollers due to its low coefficient of friction, which results in minimal resistance and smooth movement.


Cast Nylon 6 is a versatile and durable engineering plastic suitable for a wide range of industries. Its key properties, such as machinability, wear resistance, and temperature stability, make it the preferred material for manufacturing components where reliability and toughness are essential. From general mechanical engineering to food production and conveyor systems, Cast Nylon 6 continues to be an indispensable material in modern applications.

As technology and manufacturing processes evolve, the use of Cast Nylon 6 is expected to expand further, meeting critical needs in various industries. With its strength, toughness, and serviceability, Cast Nylon 6 remains a common basic material utilised in engineering applications worldwide.

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